Text Control

Yesterday afternoon (3pm Eastern), we started our first online webinar. It was an overview session presented by my colleague Ian Blackley.

I was very happy that the questions followed by the presentation were very technical and detailed. It was an exceedingly productive meeting and I am sure that all attendees learned a lot about TX Text Control.

I learned that we need 2 different types of session: Technical and overview. We will continue with the overview sessions, which will happen every week (Wednesdays, 3pm). Additionally, we will plan technical sessions about different topics. Due to the fact, that most questions on yesterday covered the BrowserTextControl, I will do a technical overview presentation that shows the technology behind it and how it can be used in your ASP.NET Web application.

I would be glad to learn more about what you want to see next. Feel free to post comments describing the topics you need to be covered by our sessions. Thanks again to all attendees from yesterday. It was very interesting and a lot of fun.