Text Control

We just released our latest member of the family of word processing components: LiveDocx.

LiveDocx enables developers - using any programming language - to merge MS Word compatible word processing templates with any type of textual data. The resulting word processing document can be saved as a DOCX, DOC, RTF or Adobe PDF file.

This kind of functionality is useful when - for example - you wish to generate invoices from a web-site store or to create documents in a SOA environment.

In such applications, a template, which stores the layout of the invoice can be generated in Microsoft Word or Open Office. A developer can then pass the data, which should appear in the invoice, to LiveDocx. On invoking the SOAP based service, the developer receives back a word processing document in the specified format (commonly PDF).

I will explain the details in the next days in this blog. You can test the web service yourself by creating an account at:


Enjoy LiveDocx and keep me posted about your experience.