FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Charlotte, NC, United States (January 28, 2009) - The software manufacturer The Imaging Source announces the latest member of its family of word processing components.

A current trend in business software is the generation of Adobe PDF documents on the server. At a central location in a company's network, Microsoft Office Word templates are populated with data to produce invoices or quotations. The resulting documents can be saved in a number of formats or sent directly to the printer.

LiveDocx offers unrivaled technology to provide such document generation services over a standardized SOAP interface. Hence, different types of software, for example, ASP.NET Web applications, Microsoft Windows applications or applications from entirely different operating systems can access LiveDocx.

The Web service is interesting for some users of Visual Studio 2008. It helps enable them to integrate the document services of LiveDocx easily using the Web service support of Visual Studio.

Matt Carter, Group Product Manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft Corp. stated:

Microsoft is pleased to be working with LiveDocx to deliver the best computing experience to our customers. LiveDocx Web service helps provide developers a quick solution when centralizing document creation, which is a great asset for Visual Studio 2008 developers.

Matt Carter, Group Product Manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft Corp.

The advantages of centralized document creation are numerous: Templates can be stored and deployed from one single central location. Various types of application architectures can access LiveDocx and can thus generate or convert documents. The generated documents can be displayed directly in a Web browser, using the shipped viewer, with no further plugins or extensions.

LiveDocx supports the most popular word processing formats, DOCX, DOC and RTF and the default format of TX Text Control, TXD. In addition, documents can be exported as Adobe PDF files.

The component can be tested as a Web service at immediately. It does not require any further software or installation.

The Imaging Source manufactures software components and services to edit, convert, create and modify standard word processing formats, such as Open Office XML, DOC and RTF.