FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Charlotte, NC, United States (November 21, 2005) - TX Text Control is a family of word processing components that offers developers all the features expected in a high end word processing package in reusable component form. Today, a new member in the family was released: TX Text Control Server for ASP.NET (incl. Windows Forms) 12.0.

TX Text Control Server for ASP.NET (incl. Windows Forms) 12.0 is a server side component that can be deployed on Microsoft Internet Information Server. It is a fully programmable ASP.NET word processor engine that offers an extensive palette of word processing features.

Using TX Text Control Server for ASP.NET (incl. Windows Forms) 12.0, programmers can develop server side, end user applications that generate documents on-the-fly, using data from databases, binary files (Microsoft Word), ASCII files (XML, RTF, HTML) and image data (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, WMF). Output is sent to an HTTP stream or to a file, without displaying anything on the server monitor.

Key Features

  • Supports XML, PDF, CSS, RTF, HTML, DOC, ANSI, Unicode and many more
  • Images formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, BMP and TIF
  • Complex nested tables, headers, footers, text frames, text fields, bullets, numbered lists, images
  • Print-ready, password secured, encrypted Adobe PDF documents with different access permissions
  • Object-oriented classes, designed for Visual Studio .NET (.NET Framework 2.0 ready)
  • Free technical support from highly qualified engineers