• TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X18 SP4
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4374 Other System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException in txkernel.dll. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4371 Mail Merge First capital capitalization does not work for field text. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4369 Text Filters DOCX import: Document causes 01-1D02 error. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4363 Web Editor JS API: Method TXTextControl.getPageCount is broken. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4362 Web Editor JS API: Can't change text content of multiple table cells. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4361 Mail Merge BackColor is lost during MailMerge. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4358 Web Editor Web Editor: Form field stays visible after resetContents via the JS API. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4356 Context Menu A table can be added into a protected field through the context menu. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4355 Ribbon A table can be added into a protected field through the ribbon. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4354 Dialog Boxes Line spacing exactly increases tenfold. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4344 Selection Double click on area of underscores does not select complete area. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4343 Resources Resource Kit: symbol character dialog not all values are translated. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4309 Tables Field at first position in table is not deleted if table is deleted. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-4100 Text Filters Character background color is set for the whole paragraph when exporting to HTML. Fixed in X18 SP4
    TXT-3825 Dialog Boxes The Find and the Replace dialog have English titles on German Windows versions. Fixed in X18 SP4
  • TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X18 SP3
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4347 Text Filters HTML export: long style names cause an exception. Fixed in X18 SP3
    TXT-4346 Web Editor Directory Traversal Vulnerability: By changing the WebSocket command directly, it is possible to read content "higher" than the given file directory. Fixed in X18 SP3
    TXT-4345 Web Editor JavaScript: MergeField.text property can be set/get, but has no visual effect in the editor. Fixed in X18 SP3
    TXT-4341 Web Editor JS API: Multiple properties of legacy class TXTextControl.TextField are broken. Fixed in X18 SP3
    TXT-4340 Text Filters PDF export: Document causes 01-1D09 error. Fixed in X18 SP3
    TXT-4339 Web Editor Web Editor: Form field stays visible after loading a document via the JS API. Fixed in X18 SP3
    TXT-4338 Printing and Print Preview Overlapping paragraph borders in Print Preview or when exporting to PDF. Fixed in X18 SP3
    TXT-4292 Dialog Boxes Internet Explorer: dialog does no react to first click. Fixed in X18 SP3
    TXT-4288 Text Filters Additional paragraph is added to the header in DOCX format. Fixed in X18 SP3
    TXT-4276 Printing Problems Document causes System.AccessViolation if you load the document with FormattingPrinter "Standard". Fixed in X18 SP3
    TXT-4272 Text Fields Third field gets changed upon UnDo. Fixed in X18 SP3
  • TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X18 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4337 Text Filters DOCX export: Wrong form field end position. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4334 Text Filters PDF export: Document causes 01-1D09 error. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4332 Web Editor appendDocument does not load documents correctly. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4331 Hyperlinks PDF export: Links to bookmarks do not work. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4330 Text Frames TextFrame's content can be edited when inserted while EditMode is set to ReadAndSelect. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4328 Web Editor DropDown FormField remains visible. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4327 Text Filters DOCX import: Document causes 01-1D09 error. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4322 Web Editor Print button does not work in Internet explorer. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4305 Web Editor The HOME ribbon tab is not deactivated when EditMode = ReadAndSelect and DocumentPermission allowFormatting = false in the web editor. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4297 Mail Merge Merging an INCLUDETEXT field in a nested block causes a NullPointerException. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4295 Text Fields MailMerge: Returning a MergedField (binary) in the FieldMerged event causes a NullReferenceException in the Merge method. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4294 Text Filters RTF import: Pasting bulleted text copied from Internet Explorer shows incorrect bullet symbols. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4286 Web Editor DocumentLoadedEventArgs.fileName is "undefined" on "documentLoaded" event. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4078 Web Editor Context menus for selecting a data source for an image placeholder are not scrollable. Fixed in X18 SP2
    TXT-4007 Ribbon Insert Page break in tables via ribbon button causes different result than shortcut Ctrl + Enter. Fixed in X18 SP2
  • TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X18 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4321 Web Editor JS API: ImageCollection.addAtFixedPositionInDocument cannot be called without the callback parameter. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4319 Text Filters RTF import: Wrong table cell background color. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4318 Documentation JS API Documentation: Property TXTextControl.applicationFields has wrong type (and is missing completely in the chm file). Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4317 Web Editor Web Editor: ApplicationField.setParameters causes an exception in the backend. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4316 Web Editor Web Editor: The "Highlight Form Fields" toggle button does not work correctly. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4315 Text Filters RTF import: Bulleted list with wrong bullet characters. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4312 Web Editor Web editor: Legacy function TXTextControl.getTextParts does not work for the text part at the current input position. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4311 Text Filters HTML import: Current HTTP headers cause win32 function "InternetOpen" to stall with certain web servers. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4310 Web Editor selection.setLength throws error 'TextControlClassAdapter<>.SetProperty(): Property SelectionAdapter.Length is read only.'. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4306 Web Editor TXTextControl.addEventListener: 'changed' event is not fired. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4301 Text Filters SubTextParts (= MergeBlocks) are extended whenever a document is saved and loaded in DOCX. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4300 Web Editor TXTextControl.documentTargets.getCanAdd returns error. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4299 Text Filters DOCX import: Document causes 01-1D02 error. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4298 Web Editor "Random" "Can't connect to server error" after some successful connections. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4287 Web Editor Can not enable spellchecking via `TXTextControl.setIsSpellCheckingEnabled`. Fixed in X18 SP1
    TXT-4077 Styles Backgroundcolor of Paragraphstyle is not exported in DOCX format. Fixed in X18 SP1
  • TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X18
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4264 Text Filters HypertextLink target is imported unescaped in DOCX. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4262 Text Fields textFieldEntered and textFieldLeft events in Javascript are fired erroneously. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4246 Documentation LoadSubTextParts documentation is wrong. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4241 Dialog Boxes Dialogs are malfunctioning since Windows 10 1803 and Windows Server 2019. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4236 Text Formatting TX Spell hyphenation drawing hyphens on the right page borders. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4222 Resources RIBBON_TAB_TBL_LAYOUT_GRP_FRAMES_DLG_LAUNCHER_TOOLTIP is used for both when resource file is translated. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4215 Search and Replace Find method does not recognize words followed by ? or ". Fixed in X18
    TXT-4212 Web Editor Web Editor: Document links inserted via the Hyperlink dialog can point to wrong document targets. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4211 Web Editor Web Editor: Can not edit document links. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4159 Text Fields HTML5 web editor: textFieldEntered event not fired when field is clicked. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4136 Text Filters HTML Filter: Bookmark is anchored to previous paragraph. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4123 Web Editor JS API: Setters not available for SectionFormat, PageMargin, PageBorder, PageSize Objects. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4033 Web Editor Font name and font size drop downs in web editor are not empty when multiple fonts or font sizes are selected. Fixed in X18
    TXT-4032 Web Editor Web.TextControl: Fontsize dropdown menu not updated when text is in non-standard fontsize. Fixed in X18
    TXT-3753 Text Fields Document is corrupted if a DocumentTarget is inserted into another and 01-241F is thrown when saved. Fixed in X18
    TXT-3716 Application Fields Document becomes corrupt if field text is changed or replaced. Fixed in X18
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