• TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET 32.0 SP3
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-5097 Text Fields Empty TextFormField assumes a different width when removed. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5089 Button Bar TX_SETTEXTEFFECTS message: Wrong lParam value. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5088 Web Editor Specified argument was out of range error when pasting into web editor. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5086 SVG Unique 𝒯✗_ Unicode ID attributes are no longer supported by Safari. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5081 Web Editor Touchscreen issue: scrolling and editing not functional on certain systems. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5076 Images Cutting an image and pasting it results in an empty image. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5073 Web Editor Editor in Blazor/React with Strict-Mode loads JS twice, causing error. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5068 Web Editor Page number cannot be inserted in DocumentEditor. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5063 Web Editor textParts.getItem method returns the header instead of the footer. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5062 Web Editor FormattedText.getLocation throws TypeError. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5061 Text Filters PDF Export: Table overlaps header and footer. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5059 Undo Inconsistent behaviour of undo and tracked changes. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5058 Image Filters Memory is not freed when loading a document with images. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5051 Web Editor "Insert page number" button is inactive. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5049 Web Editor Loading a document doesn't refresh the vertical scrollbar. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5043 Printing Problems Table lines overlap header, footer, and page break in PDF. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5041 Text Fields Deletion of data possible in non-editable field. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5037 Web Editor Properties AllowDrag and AllowDrop are missing in JS API. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5036 Mail Merge Support merging SVG images into documents using MailMerge class. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5032 Text Fields Changing selection for editable TextField not possible. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5028 Web Editor Line breaks in comments show up as "<br>" in the comments sidebar. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5020 Web Editor Textframes and signaturefields not selectable, when loaded into RenderMode = Vector. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-5009 Web Editor Drop-down and combo box list items cannot be deleted through the Form Fields ribbon tab. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-4986 Text Filters Comparing font size in TX Text Control and MS Word. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-4980 Web Editor Ribbon is "jumping back" when horizontally scrolled. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-4876 Ribbon Table tools still displayed when current line is outside of table. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-4872 Track Changes Error 01-241E thrown when adding a new table row while track changes is active and the sidebar is open. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-4647 Documentation Typo in documenation. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
    TXT-4431 Tables Table attributes dialog doesn't retain existing settings. Fixed in 32.0 SP3
  • TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET 32.0 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-5022 Web Editor Focusing empty SelectionFormField causes crash. Fixed in 32.0 SP2
    TXT-4827 Text Filters DOCX: restart numbering turns false. Fixed in 32.0 SP2
  • TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET 32.0 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-5018 Text Filters Error 1D09 when saving document with table in DOC, DOCX or RTF. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-5017 Application Fields Empty strings in the Parameters array for ApplicationField are no longer imported. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-5012 Web Editor reconnectTimeout value does not change when setting another value. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-5010 Web Editor Error when using setFollowingStyle in Javascript. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-5007 Web Editor Error message when using paragraphStyle.setTextBackColor in Javascript. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-5006 Web Editor Table layout context ribbon tab is not displayed after loading a document and entering a table for the first time. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-5001 Web Editor ConnectionID no longer available in txSettings object in ASP.NET. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-5000 Tables TableColumn.getCellFormat throws error. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4999 Undo Undo does not work with character styles. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4994 Web Editor Culture settings from Javascript API are not applied to numbers in tables. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4991 Images Image cannot be moved as watermark behind the text inside a header. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4990 Barcode Barcode size is not adjusted to the frame size. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4976 Web Editor DocumentEditor content is not refreshed when ComponentRenderMode is changed through Javascript. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4975 Text Filters (01-242D) when loading RTF. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4972 Text Filters DOCX file saved by TextControl cannot be loaded in MS Word. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4907 Text Filters Empty list item after paragraph in RTF document. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4864 Text Filters Less-Than character < is converted to a literal (lt;) when a document is loaded that contains the < character in the parameters array. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4618 Text Filters TX: incorrect behavior of export with omitted content for TOC. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4617 Text Filters Incorrect behavior of export with omitted content for tracked changes and editable regions. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
    TXT-4616 Text Filters Incorrect behavior of export with omitted content for form fields. Fixed in 32.0 SP1
  • TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET 32.0
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4967 Undo Weird behavior with font formatting and undo. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4956 Images SVG images with only one or no coordinates are not scaled correctly. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4949 Web Editor Javascript vulnerability in comment reply. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4939 N/A Javascript API: missing methods for Selection Object. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4936 Track Changes TextFieldDeleted event is not fired if a field is removed as part of accepting tracked changes. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4930 Form Validation Order of conditional instructions changes after saving and loading document. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4911 Text Frames Searched text is not marked in textframes. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4897 Application Fields Font size changes from 10 pt to 12 pt for form field at first input position. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4888 Ribbon Links will have 2 different font sizes when you add 2 hyperlinks from the ribbon. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4863 Text Fields Text after field is added to field after Undo. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4842 Text Filters RTF, DOC, DOCX: Filter Exception when saving document with ommited sections. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4839 Text Formatting Text set to superscript is moved into line above. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4764 Text Filters Style changes in non-english MS Word Version from Normal to Standard. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4228 Text Filters text file is not recognized as UTF-8. Fixed in 32.0
    TXT-4225 Ribbon Clear Formatting button clears formatting of the complete paragraph. Fixed in 32.0
  • TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET
    ID Keyword Description Opened
    TXT-4886 Web Editor Web Editor / JS API: headersAndFooters property missing on Section class. more than 2 months ago Opened:
    March 24, 2023
    TXT-4774 Samples v31 assemblies used in v30 sample application. more than 2 months ago Opened:
    August 23, 2022
    TXT-4621 Web Editor Document Editor (WebForms): Unknown file name exposes full file path on web server. more than 2 months ago Opened:
    January 17, 2022

    Last modified:
    April 26, 2024
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