Over the last couple months, we saw a significant increase of digitization projects across all industries and segments using TX Text Control products. We focused on specific areas to help developers integrating document processing into business applications. With TX Text Control X19, we will provide support for PDF/A-3 to enable electronic invoices. We also decided to integrate barcode support directly as a feature into TX Text Control.

Digitize Document Processes

In today's processes, barcodes are included everywhere: Invoices, delivery notes or boarding passes. Barcodes are used to store digital data on paper that can be acquired easily for further processing using laser-based scanners, cameras or mobile phones.

Barcodes can close the gap between online business processes and the paper oriented world. Consider a QR Code on an electricity bill. The QR Code contains a direct payment URL with parameters containing customer details, the invoice number, the amount or simply a generated ID for this specific transaction for an easy payment experience.

With the release of TX Text Control X19, barcode support will be directly integrated into TX Text Control without the dependency on the optional product TX Barcode .NET. The complete functionality of TX Barcode .NET will be directly available in all .NET-based TX Text Control products including Windows Forms (Professional edition or better), WPF (Professional edition or better) and ASP.NET.

Barcode Support in TX Text Control

Using TX Text Control X19, you can add fast and accurate 1D and 2D barcodes to your TX Text Control based applications. Integrate barcodes into reports, invoices and mail merge templates. Generated barcodes are optimized for printing and on-screen scanning. The barcodes have been specifically designed for the requirements when integrating barcodes into documents, such as invoices. In such documents, the barcode size must be fixed, even if the barcode length differs.

Industry Standard 2D Barcode Types

TX Text Control X19 will support the major of industry standard barcode types that are required in paper and PDF based processes, such as invoicing and shipping.

  • QRCode, Quick Response Code (ISO/IEC 18004:2006)
  • Aztec, Aztec Code, ISO/IEC 24778:2008
  • DataMatrix, Data Matrix, ISO/IEC 16022:2006
  • MaxiCode, The "UPS code", ISO/IEC 16023:2000
  • PDF417, The "boarding pass standard", ISO/IEC 15438:2006(E)
  • MicroPDF
  • Code 128, ISO/IEC 15417:2007
  • EAN 13, International Article Number
  • EAN 8, European Article Number
  • UPCA, Universal Product Code
  • 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5
  • Postnet, Postal Numeric Encoding Technique
  • ... and many more.

Fully Supported by Text Control Reporting

Barcodes can be used as placeholders in reporting templates. Each barcode object is assigned a unique ID and Name in order to visualize actual data during the merge process. This can be done by iterating through the Barcodes collection in TX Text Control X19 or automatically when the Reporting class MailMerge is used.

Barcode Support in TX Text Control

Stay tuned for more great improvements and features of TX Text Control X19!