The Text Control Reporting Framework is shipped and can be used with all TX Text Control .NET products: Windows Forms, WPF and ASP.NET. A unique advantage of the reporting concept is that the templates and the custom code can be reused in all of these platforms.

Text Control Reporting Framework: What sets it apart?

The Text Control Reporting Framework is basically the namespace DocumentServer that includes the MailMerge class. The MailMerge class is the reporting engine that merges data from various data sources into an MS Word compatible template by matching merge field names and block names with existing data in the data source. Relations between tables and objects are evaluated automatically and applied to the template. This concept allows developers to create fully featured reports with Master-Detail views based on MS Word compatible documents.

MS Word Compatible

Existing templates including merge fields and all types of formatting elements from MS Word 2003 - 2013 can be reused. Templates that are populated with data from business objects and DataSets can be also stored in MS Word standard formats such as RTF, DOC and DOCX. It is not required to keep the templates in a proprietary format. End-users and designers are able to modify templates in MS Word or the freely distributable TX Text Control based editors.

Flow Type Layout Reporting

Conventional banded report designers are complex - Text Control reporting is easy to understand and thanks to WYSIWYG, the template is rendered exactly the same like on paper or in an Adobe PDF. Like in Microsoft Word, users can easily add elements to the report such as tables, pictures, barcodes and headers and footers.

Fully Programmable

The Text Control Reporting Framework is completely programmable. Each merge field, block row or object that is merged triggers an event that can be used to interact with the report. Text can be changed, formatted text can be injected and a fully-featured API gives access to each and every element in the document.

Cross-Browser Designer

The first true WYSIWYG, HTML5-based web editor and reporting template designer. Give your users an MS Word compatible editor to create powerful reporting templates anywhere - in any browser on any device. Zero footprint - no plug-ins, nothing! This is not 'yet another HTML editor'. You'll get a fully featured look & feel of MS Word in your browser.

Windows Designer

Powered by TX Text Control, the royalty-free template designer for Windows Forms and WPF is used to create templates with typical word processing features such as page columns, tables, images and headers and footers. The Windows designers come with full sources and can be completely customized.

Reuse PDF Documents

TX Text Control is able to import "born digital" PDF documents, so that you can view, edit or convert these files. The PDF document is imported and can be modified just like any other format such as DOC or DOCX. The fully featured API can be used to change the content or to search on the document. Those PDF documents can be reused as templates for the Text Control Reporting Framework.

Start today and see our live demo platform that uses the HTML5 based template designer and the reporting engine in an ASP.NET Web application.

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