FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Charlotte, NC, United States (August 1, 2012) - The software component vendor Text Control recently released a new version, X8 -- the biggest release ever --, of the word processing component family TX Text Control.

TX Text Control X8 introduces a new z-order of objects (text frames, images or charts). Each object -- be it a text frame, image or chart -- can be layered above or below any other object. These objects can be either in front of the text or behind the text. This feature was the need for the now supported background images. Additionally, TX Text Control now ships with transparent text frames. This allows objects placed on the plane beneath a transparent text frame to be visible through the text frame.

The vendor implemented powerful and feature-rich 2D and 3D charts in the current version X8. A common task of business applications is to visualize data sets. Such visualizations allow the reader to get the bigger picture -- an overview of the data at hand. Charts are often used to indicate trends and are ideally suited to attractively visualize large volumes of data.

With the release of TX Text Control X8, the PDF import was improved a lot. PDF Reflow is no longer a problem. The PDF import filter that ships with TX Text Control .NET X8 continues this innovation and thanks to new powerful features in the core of TX Text Control, now enables you to import and convert complex page layouts into editable word processing documents.

TX Text Control X8 ships with a modern status bar, which now includes a zoom slider. By moving the slider, you can change the zoom level of the current document. Needless to say that this slider also reflects the current zoom factor, if it was adjusted programmatically or using the mouse scroll wheel. The status bar has received a new BorderStyle.

The TX Template Designer has been merged with TX Text Control Words. The resulting application, TX Text Control Words, has been updated with an easy-to-use Ribbon interface. In addition to its own feature set, the application now includes all the functionality of TX Template Designer plus a number of new features: charting, mail-merge and a new style and icon design.

Text Control is proud to announce that the new version now supports the EMF image format and an improved object handling (aspect ratio resizing, object moving). Now, the handles have round corners and the object corner handles can be used to resize objects while the aspect ratio is maintained. Additionally, all objects are rendered in a new, faster and more efficient way. This results in an even better user experience when objects are moved or resized.

Finally, the MailMerge and ServerTextControl is usable in client-side applications. Starting in TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X8, the powerful MailMerge component, which encapsulates the whole merge process including master-detail relationship repeating blocks, is available for the Windows Forms and WPF client versions as well.

An overview of all new features can be found here: