We just published a US English legal dictionary with commonly used legal terms. We ran a diff against our US English dictionary in a way that the legal word list contains only terms that are not included in the normal US English dictionary.

From affranchise to whistleblower, this dictionary is packed with legal words to be used in applications for attorneys, legal departments or court transcription services. It is published as an user dictionary (extension *.txd) and can be easily extended.

You can download this dictionary as part of the "English - United States" dictionary package:


To test this dictionary:

  • Copy the en_US_Legal.txd file into the default Dictionaries folder.
    (default: C:\Program Files\Text Control GmbH\TX Spell 2.0 .NET for Windows Forms\Assembly\Dictionaries)

  • In Visual Studio, select the TXSpellChecker instance on your form to view it's properties in the Properties window. The legal dictionary can be automatically found in the list of available dictionaries. Select the legal dictionary as the default Language and you are done.

    TX Spell .NET in Visual Studio