FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Charlotte, NC, United States (November 16, 2011) - The software component vendor Text Control recently released a new version, 17.0, of the word processing component family TX Text Control and additionally the brand new product TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms and WPF.

TX Text Control 17.0 introduces new features that improve the user experience of tables. Column selection, selecting cells in the middle of a table, colored table borders, cell merging and splitting. Additionally, TX Text Control now ships with new functionality that allows you to build spreadsheet-like applications.

The vendor implemented a lot of new features and expanded existing functionalities based on user requests. One of the top requests are page and section borders. TX Text Control ships with an entirely new feature which allows users to add a border around one or more edges of a page or section. The Page Setup dialog box has been extended to include a new tab which allows to set the width, style and color of the border and edges on which the border should appear. Borders can be set to run around the edges of a page, or relative to the text on the page.

TX Text Control 17.0 now supports digital signatures in Adobe PDF and PDF/A documents. Signatures can be created with PFX, DER Cer or Base64 CER certificate files. Additionally, certificates can be loaded from raw data or selected from the local certificate store.

With the release of TX Text Control 17.0, Text Control is proud to announce the immediate availability of two new spell checking products: TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms and TX Spell .NET for WPF. The new spell checking components enable developers to add extremely fast spell checking functionality to any TX Text Control .NET based applications with minimum effort. TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms and TX Spell .NET for WPF can be used with an unlimited number of dictionaries and user dictionaries at the same time, thus enabling the ability to check documents which contain multiple languages. TX Spell .NET is 100% compatible with the freely available and deployable Hunspell dictionaries of, of which there are more than sixty to download and deploy.

Finally, TX Text Control 17.0 ships with improved HTML import and export filters. These new filters make it very easy to add HTML import and export to your TX Text Control based applications.

An overview of all new features can be found here: