TX Text Control product familyWe have just released the following components:

Client Components for Word Processing

Server Components for Word Processing

Spell Checking NEW

Download Updated Trial Versions

If you would like to try out the new features of TX Text Control 17.0 or TX Spell .NET 2.0, please download one of the updated trial versions. The trial versions are fully featured and valid for 30 days.

Free Update to TX Text Control 17.0

All customers who purchased TX Text Control 16.0 on or after October 17, 2011 are entitled to a free update. Note: Your serial number will be verified before the free update is redeemable.

Unlimited Technical Support

The team of TX Text Control support engineers is waiting to assist you with every aspect of TX Text Control 17.0 and TX Spell .NET 2.0. Remember, technical support is unlimited and entirely free of charge!