Tables are used to arrange large amounts of tabular data, for example in a sales report. As the maximum length of a table on a page can only be the maximum height of the page (minus margins and headers and footers), it is necessary to divide the table every time a page break occurs.

As of TX Text Control .NET 16.0 (Windows Forms and WPF), n contiguous rows in a table can be automatically added to the top of each table, right after a page break has occurred. This new feature ensures that tables always have a table header on every page, regardless of how long they may become.

And there are no limits: The cells of these table header rows can contain more document elements than just text such as other nested tables, images or text frames. This enables you to create professional reports in a very easy way. The following screenshot illustrates how the first row of the table is being repeated at the top of each successive page:

The TableRow class has been extended with the IsHeader property that gets or sets a value specifying whether the table row is part of the table's header or not.

// C#
public bool IsHeader { get; set; }
// Visual Basic
Public Property IsHeader() As Boolean

This property can be also adjusted in the shipped table attribute dialog using a new checkbox:

TX Text Control Table Dialog

You want to test it on your own? Feel free to download the fully featured 30 day trial versions here:

TX Text Control Trial Versions