Microsoft WPFToday is a good day! Finally, Microsoft released the managed ribbon implementation for WPF.

The idea of the ribbon bar is to replace the traditional menu bar and toolbars. And this is the reason why TX Text Control was not shipped with an own ribbon bar: The ribbon belongs more to the application as it contains application specific entries like in a menu.

We already followed the developments of this WPF ribbon implementation since the first CTP versions and we already invested a lot of development time into making our upcoming TX Text Control .NET for WPF compatible with this ribbon bar.

Happily, Microsoft decided to remove the Microsoft Office license agreement that was required to use this implementation. The DLLs can be freely distributed with your applications now.

TX Text Control .NET for WPF will be shipped with a fully-functional sample implementation that shows how TX Text Control can be combined with the new Microsoft ribbon bar for WPF easily.

Microsoft Ribbon for WPF

Download the WPF ribbon bar in the Microsoft Download Center and test it on your own. It is impressive:

Microsoft Ribbon for WPF