Since objects like Flash, ActiveX controls or .NET assemblies must be activated in Internet Explorer manually, you have to click on it to be able to use them. This is also valid for the BrowserTextControl of TX Text Control Server for ASP.NET (incl. Windows Forms). To read more about the reason for this change in Internet Explorer, please have a look at this blog entry.

Using ActiveX controls with the latest MSIE patch

To solve this issue in Internet Explorer 7.0, you have to add the object dynamically using Javascript. Just insert a DIV section into the ASPX page:

<div id="container">

This element will be used to add the object to the page. The Javascript that appends the object to the page must be a seperate file. In the ASPX page, we simply have to insert a reference to it:

<script src="script.js" type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

The Javascript itself creates a new object tag that will be added as a child to the container DIV section:

function activateControl(ContainerDIV,ClassID,Width,Height,Id)
    var myObject = document.createElement('object');
    var containerObject = document.getElementById(ContainerDIV);

    myObject.width = Width;
    myObject.height = Height;
    myObject.classid = ClassID; = Id;