A desirable feature of a word processing application is to change the case of a word, sentence or entire document.

This sample application shows you how to implement the different cases known from Microsoft Word using TX Text Control ActiveX.

We are going to implement the following case changes:

  • UPPER CASE (convert all characters to uppercase)
  • lower case (convert all characters to lowercase)
  • Title Case (first letter of each word is made uppercase)
  • tOgGlE cAsE (toggle the text, whereby capital letters are made lowercase and lowercase letters are made uppercase)
  • Sentence case. (convert the text, whereby the first character of the sentence is uppercase)

In Visual Basic, the functions

offer the functionality to change the case of characters.

Please take a look at this sample application (complete with downloadable source code), to see how easily this 'change case' feature can be implemented in TX Text Control.