FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Charlotte, NC, United States (February 5, 2004) - DATEV e.G. indisputable market leaders for data processing, service and software for tax consultants, accountants, lawyers and their clients - uses TX Text Control for its range of software products.

Hans-Jürgen Hohmeier, Audit Manager at DATEV e.G. stated:

We have been using TX Text Control since 1997. We are glad to concentrate on our core business, leaving the word processing part to the TX Text Control specialists and their 15 years of experience with this subject. None of the other vendor's word processor components we evaluated offered a comparable level of robustness and rich set of formatting options.

Hans-Jürgen Hohmeier, Audit Manager at DATEV e.G.

Wolfgang Treutlein, Senior Developer at DATEV e.G. stated:

Programming simple text entry using standard Windows tools is easy. End-users however, are never happy with the formatting options they get; especially not when they start wanting to use advanced formatting and more sophisticated file formats. Although we have the programming capacity to implement such wishes, we do not want to spend one man-year or more doing so. Using an off-the-shelf component is certainly a better way.

Wolfgang Treutlein, Senior Developer at DATEV e.G.

DATEV is now in the process of upgrading their software to TX Text Control 10. Hans-Jürgen Hohmeier continued:

Our customers are asking for bullets and numbered lists, style sheets, and other features which were not available in older versions of the product. We are glad that we can simply plug in an update to TX Text Control to get the new features in an instant.