• TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms 10.0 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    SPELL-3812 N/A UserDictionary name is displayed in the OptionsDialog's 'User Dictionaries' dialog even if the Dictionary.ShowInOptionsDialog property is set to false. Fixed in 10.0 SP1
    SPELL-3808 Dictionaries .NET >= 5.0: some dictionaries are not loaded due to their encoding. Fixed in 10.0 SP1
    SPELL-3807 Other System.ArgumentException: 'Synonym list type is not valid.' when creating a TX Spell object with an incorrect language parameter value. Fixed in 10.0 SP1
    SPELL-3804 Spell Checking UserDictionary causes words with periods to be marked as misspelled. Fixed in 10.0 SP1
    SPELL-3803 Dictionaries Compound words added to a UserDictionary are still recognized as misspelled if followed by a period. Fixed in 10.0 SP1
    SPELL-3801 Property Method Exception when calling SpellingCorrectionUIProvider.CorrectionHandler.Change Method. Fixed in 10.0 SP1
    SPELL-3800 Property Method NullReferenceException when accessing the TXTextControl.Proofing.IncorrectWordChangingEventArgs.CorrectedText Property. Fixed in 10.0 SP1
    SPELL-3799 Dictionaries Setting properties for a UserDictionary works only after the dictionary has been added to the collection. Fixed in 10.0 SP1
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