• TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X11 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3442 Text filters RTF import: Objects in headers/footers always in front of the text Fixed in X11 SP2
    TXT-3420 Web Editor Merge block will be removed when two merge blocks have the same name Not fixable
    TXT-3415 Text filters CSS import: "/*" in background image url causes crash Fixed in X11 SP2
    TXT-3413 Text filters HTML export: filter generates invalid xml Fixed in X11 SP2
    TXT-3412 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes error 01-2416 Fixed in X11 SP2
    TXT-3397 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes error 01-240D (consecutive font blocks of length zero) Fixed in X11 SP2
    TXT-3382 Web Editor Web editor: drop down menus don't close when clicking another button on Page Layout tab Fixed in X11 SP2
  • TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X11 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3407 Selection SelectionViewMode Classic is not working correctly Duplicate
    TXT-3389 Licensing ServerTextControl cannot be licensed using the WPF client version Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3387 Samples Clicking on the "Add Help Text" button in the WPF MergeFields sample causes NullReferenceException Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3380 Text Frames Image will overlap text frame if its dimensions are larger then the text frame's size Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3377 Text filters HTML export: font weight is lost when exporting with inline CSS style sheet Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3373 Sections Not possible to set another startNumber than 1 for a PageNumberField programatically Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3371 Text filters RTF import: Document causes error 01-240D Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3370 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes error 01-241F Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3365 Text filters Indents for lists are not imported from HTML Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3364 Objects WPF barcodes are not loaded by ServerTextControl Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3361 Text filters HTML import: too many bullet points on unordered list Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3359 Text filters DOCX export: Wrong character properties for inline objects Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3358 MailMerge NEXT fields should be removed after being processed, even if RemoveEmptyFields is set to false Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3357 Web Editor Some HTML dialogs can not be opened in MVC Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3356 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes error 01-1D09 Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3355 Text filters DOCX import: Missing page number fields Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3354 MailMerge Using MailMerge causes a LicenseException in WPF Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3353 Text filters RTF import: Document causes error 01-1D09 Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3352 Search and replace Find and replace of non visual text in textframe crashes TX Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3351 Resources Strings in the resource file are wrong Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3349 Other Clear of last paragraph between two tables with ServerTextControl.Clear() is not possible Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3348 Images ResetContents() removes only 1 image Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3347 Tables AccessViolationException caused when appending documents with tables Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3346 Text filters DOCX/DOC/RTF import: Document opens more than 100 pages. Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3344 Context menu "Select table row" and "select table cell" causes an exception: 01-321B Invalid property value. Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3322 Text formatting Formatting difference between 64bit and 32bit version Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3320 Sections Error 01-243D during save operation after deleting a section break Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3315 Bug Load of HTML document cause AccessViolationException Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3296 Images WMF images are displayed will low quality in print preview Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3282 Right-To-Left Paragraph will get mixed RTL/LTR text direction if a paragraph control character is selected and… Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3281 MailMerge DateField is part of the "empty fields" in case RemoveEmptyFields is set to true Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3268 Images Loaded images are shown as empty frame Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3233 MailMerge ImageFieldMerged event is not fired in TX Text Control 20 SP1 Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3232 MailMerge If an image placeholder's InsertionMode has been set to AboveTheText or BelowTheText the image… Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3212 Text filters PDF export: Missing hyperlinks Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3195 Application fields Deleting selected characters inside a field with Backspace does not trigger the… Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3185 Undo Text is lost inside a table when a part of text has been cut and undo/redo is used Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3184 Styles FormattingStyle.Name property cannot be changed Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3182 Sections When assigning a new SectionFormat to TextControl the PageSize and PageMargin will not be applied Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3171 MailMerge NullReferenceException for mergeField.ShowDialog() if the current Form has been derived from Form1 Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3162 MailMerge DocumentServer.Fields.FieldAdapter.ShowDialog has TX20 icon Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3160 MailMerge Image merging: Image distance from text is not maintained after merging Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3158 Text filters HTML export: Font attributes are missing in paragraph inline css style Fixed in X11 SP1
    TXT-3146 Single OCX property LoadFromMemory method generates an 1-1D01 error Fixed in X11 SP1
  • TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET X11
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-3326 Images Image looses format on copying and pasting it Fixed in X11
    TXT-3319 Undo Undo does not delete added style in styles dialog Fixed in X11
    TXT-3308 MailMerge FieldMerge is not fired for fields that are not merged (but it should) Fixed in X11
    TXT-3278 Text filters DOCX import: Theme color not used for text color Fixed in X11
    TXT-3269 Text filters HTML import: HTML file causes access violation Fixed in X11
    TXT-3261 Other GDI leak in StatusBar Fixed in X11
    TXT-3259 Text filters DOCX export: Missing form field properties. Fixed in X11
    TXT-3231 Samples TXBarcode ad dialogs say "2.0" Fixed in X11
    TXT-3229 Text filters DOC/DOCX import: Missing text between numbered structured list levels Fixed in X11
    TXT-3221 Text filters RTF export: Wrong numbered list values Fixed in X11
    TXT-3220 Text filters CSS export: GDI leak Fixed in X11
    TXT-3219 Text filters DOCX import: Document causes error 01-241F Fixed in X11
    TXT-3214 Text filters HTML import: Field identifier not unique Fixed in X11
    TXT-3201 MailMerge Merge blocks are merged with the same data row, if INCLUDETEXT field exist in headers and footers Fixed in X11
    TXT-3199 Text filters DOCX/DOC/RTF import: Wrong first page header/footer setting Fixed in X11
    TXT-3197 MailMerge Merge block is not merged, if an INCLUDETEXT field exist in the template - if MergeBlocks is not… Fixed in X11
    TXT-3196 Text filters HTML import: PRE tags in table cells can cause error 01-240F Fixed in X11
    TXT-3175 MailMerge INCLUDETEXT field in merge blocks removes all merge fields Fixed in X11
    TXT-3174 Text filters HTML export: documents containing certain languages can not be saved as html Fixed in X11
    TXT-3172 Images Image import: File reference of image gets lost when changing input language Fixed in X11
    TXT-3170 Dialog Boxes Dialog boxes using a TabControl are too small when being run from VS2012/2013 Fixed in X11
    TXT-3164 Text filters RTF import:: Missing table Fixed in X11
    TXT-3156 Text filters RTF import: Document causes 01-1D09 error Fixed in X11
    TXT-3154 Text filters DOCX import: Document causes 03-1106 error Fixed in X11
    TXT-3153 MailMerge MergeBlock merges only 1 record, if an IncludeText field is in the header Fixed in X11
    TXT-3152 Text filters RTF import: Wrong font specified at begin of main document Fixed in X11
    TXT-3147 Text filters DOCX import: Document causes crash in 64 bit version Fixed in X11
    TXT-3144 Text filters DOCX export: Zero left or right text distance value of a text frame not written Fixed in X11
    TXT-3136 Text filters DOCX: Saving Hyperlink with # does not work Fixed in X11
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