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This blog post uses the TX Text Control Widget - a cross-platform HTML widget to integrate MS Word compatible document editing into any platform.

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The HTML5-based rich text editor Web.TextControl is part of the product TX Text Control .NET Server for ASP.NET available for ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms. The unique advantage of this technology is the 100% compatibility with other platforms of TX Text Control such as Windows Forms and WPF and the true WYSIWYG rendering.

Documents can be displayed and edited in the same way like in rich or thick client applications. In order to realize this, a server-side component is required to synchronize documents and to provide server-side fonts and rendering details identically across platforms and browsers.

In order to use TX Text Control in Angular applications or any other platform, we created a widget that encapsulates the editor and exposes a JavaScript API. This widget can be embedded in any HTML page or Angular application. The following article shows how to create a simple Angular application with the widget:

Create your First, Very Simple Angular Application with the TX Text Control Widget

When deploying your application, a separate server or server-cluster (depending on your server load) is required for the word processing part. You can host the TX Text Control widget and the requirements on a Windows Server 2016, a VM or create a VM by using a Docker Container for easy deployment or deployment through Azure Service Fabric.

The following diagram shows this deployment architecture. The Angular application hosts the TX Text Control widget that runs on a separate server. Documents are loaded directly using JavaScript from your document database or file system in your Angular application structure.

Angular Deployment

If you additionally use the TX Text Control document API such as TXTextControl.ServerTextControl or TXTextControl.DocumentServer.MailMerge, you can host these parts on this separate server structure as well. Typically, a centralized Web API is used for typical document processing tasks such as mail merge, document conversion or PDF creation. This separate server structure provides a centralized service that can be used from all your applications independently from the platform or used language.

If you are thinking about migrating your thick client application to the web, let us know. With our experience, we would love to help you with this process.

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