TX Text Control in the cloud

Two years ago, we launched LiveDocx, a free web-service to create professional documents.

Since then, LiveDocx has grown to serve more than 5000 users.

LiveDocx enables developers - using any programming language - to merge MS Word compatible word processing templates with any type of textual data. The resulting word processing document can be saved as a DOCX, DOC, RTF, Adobe PDF or image file.

This kind of functionality is useful when - for example - you wish to generate invoices from a web-site store.

Internally, LiveDocx uses the TX Text Control MailMerge component that comes with the TX Text Control .NET Server license. LiveDocx is not only very popular in the .NET world, but also in the PHP space. As of last year, LiveDocx is officially part of the Zend Framework.

Learn more about LiveDocx on the dedicated website: