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The requests from you are growing and I thought to share our plans for a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) version of TX Text Control.

We have done a lot of research on WPF and related technlogies like Visual Studio 2010 since the first CTP or beta versions were released many years ago. At this point our developers have been working on a WPF version for months. We believe in the motto say what you do and do what you say, I would like to announce the upcoming WPF version. I am not able to reveal a release date, but summer 2010 is quite possible.

Our current Windows Forms version can be already integrated into a WPF page using the WindowsFormsHost class. Our goal is to keep the WPF version as compatible as possible. It should be possible to replace the Windows Forms version with the WPF version without changing the code.

As soon as possible, I will publish more information regarding the projected release. Feel free to post any comments or questions you might have.