Previously in this blog, we have discussed the benefits of server side word processing applications over their client side counterparts. To summarize, the main arguments were:

  • Centralization of document creation
  • Personalization of documents
  • Actuality of documents

We have recently codified this information into a new white paper. I encourage you to download this document, as it discusses - at length - the main benefits of server side applications:

Text Control
TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Solutions
Server-Based Document Processing
An executive overview on how to create, modify and convert business critical documents with server side business applications.
This is a DOWNLOAD FILE. To download the file, click on the link to the left and from the dialog box that appears, select 'Save' (to save the file to your computer) or 'Open' (to execute the file). Download PDF [300 KB, PDF]

Migrating to Server Side Applications

Since the release of TX Text Control Server for ASP.NET (incl. Windows Forms) 12.0, I have spoken to several customers who were planning a client side application to perform batch word processing tasks. On talking to them 1, and discussing their technical requirements in detail, we quickly established that what they were wanting to perform could easily and more efficiently be implemented using a server side component.

The goal of the above white paper is to assist such customers in understanding how server side applications are applicable in the context of enterprise level batch word processing.

If you are planning an application, in which word processing documents have to be converted, modified or created, please read the white paper through and contact me before you set about planning a client side application. In many cases, you and the enterprise for which you work will be better off with a server side application.

#1 - Such consulting discussions are part and parcel of the whole TX Text Control service offering. Right from the minute you download the trial version of a TX Text Control product, you are entitled to unlimited, free technical support.