FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Charlotte, NC, United States (July 9, 2001) - TX Text Control is a royalty-free ActiveX and C++ Class Library that offers an extensive palette of word processing features. Recently released in version 9, TX Text Control enables you to add sophisticated text formatting and display capabilities to your applications. Use TX Text Control to create:

  • Database Applications
    TX Text Control can connect to any type of database and store formatted text as BLOBS, RTF or HTML, so that you can easily create mail-merge applications and report generators.
  • Office Applications
    With TX Text Control you can create contemporary office applications that combine the paper and fax based office world with web technologies.
  • Internet Applications
    The code-signed CAB file that is available for TX Text Control give you all you need to run your applications in Microsoft Internet Explorer on the Internet.

The most notable new features in version 9 include fully integrated stylesheet support; new configurable button bar; enhanced table handling; adjustable word wrapping; PNG and JPEG filters; no more dll calls.