FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Charlotte, NC, United States (November 22, 1999) - The Imaging Source Europe announces the release of TX Text Control v7 and TX Text Control Professional v7. Text Control 6 was only one version, with a Word filter available as an add-on. This has been changed this into a standard version and a professional version:

The Standard Version

The 'easy-to-use RTF editor'. Its features are comparable to those of version 6. This version is only a 32 bit ActiveX, it does not contain a DLL anymore.

The Professional Version

This version contains the complete functionality of the standard version, plus

  • Microsoft Word support, including Word 2000
  • Programmable headers and footers
  • New hyperlinks and bookmarks
  • New property for implementing Drag and Drop
  • Programmatic access to properties of embedded ActiveX controls
  • DLL (Low-Level API) interface

Both of the new versions are 32 bit only; Older versions of the 16 bit OCX, the VBX, as well as the Text Control source code are available on demand. Also see complete pricing information and the TX Text Control Newsletter.