Showcase your TX Text Control Express based application

Since 2011, we are offering TX Text Control Express, the free TX Text Control edition for Windows Forms. This enhanced Rich Text Box for VB.NET and C# includes many of the features missing from the built-in .NET Framework component such as effortless printing and print preview, rulers, button and status bar and ready to use dialog boxes.

Since the beginning, TX Text Control Express has been listed in the TOP 15 of the most popular Windows Forms Extensions in the Visual Studio Gallery.

Showcase your TX Text Control Express based application

Until end of August 2013, Express developers can showcase their application and get the chance to win 1 out of 3 word processing packages with TX Text Control Professional and TX Spell .NET.

Simply describe how you are using TX Text Control Express and how Text Control helped you to realize your project. Send an e-mail with a short description and a screenshot to enter the raffle:

Enter the raffle

All participants have the same chance and the chance of winning is not dependent on the presented application. With your approval, we will showcase the winning applications in our blog.

Good luck and happy coding!