Have you seen the academy award-winning movie Avatar? Maybe in 3D? Then you probably saw the 3D subtitles rendered by TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms.

The Hollywood-based company FotoKem is a full service motion picture, television, and commercial post production facility. They used TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms to render the Avatar subtitles in 24 different languages including Thai, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The created images were post-processed in order to create separate left-eye and right-eye images of the subtitles. They were then rendered over the picture at the correct moments in time with the correct depth.

It was the very fast, reliable and stable text rendering component which allowed us to rapidly do the languages that others found very challenging.

William Schultz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Film Services at FotoKem.

Isn't it great to see in how many different applications TX Text Control is used?

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