Mobile devices

Completing forms is a typical task in any industry. From health care or insurance to inspection services and quality assurance. Tablets and Apple iPads are providing new opportunities to realize the form completion processes.

Whether it is used in a doctor's round in a hospital, to replace traditional clipboards, or by insurance agents when visiting their clients, it is a paradigm shift in completing forms. The following video shows this process in action:

Using TX Text Control .NET Server, you can create cross-browser compatible ASP.NET web applications. You can easily deploy MS Word form templates with form text fields, checkboxes or drop-down boxes to mobile devices such as the Apple iPad, Android tablets or Windows Touch-devices.

Hassle-free Forms Creation in MS Word

Forms must not be costly designed or programmed. Any user is able to create forms by designing them in MS Word or in your own application based on the TX Text Control client controls. They will be published to your server and can be completed on any mobile device. The resulting documents can be printed, saved or downloaded as an Adobe PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF or as an image file. The field data can be easily extracted and stored in your database.

Forms can already be processed right after they are completed. No manual data transfer is required which saves time and money.

Test the demo application on your iPad, tablet, iPhone or PC:

Download a TX Text Control .NET Server trial version to test it in your own ASP.NET web application.