If you copy and paste text from MS Word into TX Text Control, it is inserted as RTF formatted text. If you select and copy a complete document in MS Word and paste it into TX Text Control, the page size and margins are not adapted automatically.

TX Text Control's approach is to keep the existing page size and to insert the formatted text into this pre-defined page. Anyway, sometimes it is required to adapt the page size and margins as well. In this case, it is possible to use the Load method of TX Text Control to insert the clipboard's content into TX Text Control. Using the LoadSettings, the page size and margins can be adjusted after loading the document.

string data = (string)Clipboard.GetData(DataFormats.Rtf);
TXTextControl.LoadSettings ls = new TXTextControl.LoadSettings();
textControl1.Load(data, TXTextControl.StringStreamType.RichTextFormat, ls);
textControl1.PageSize = ls.PageSize;
textControl1.PageMargins = ls.PageMargins;