In the past few weeks, I have had several support cases that have been about updating TX Text Control.

The steps that need to be performed when updating are very dependent upon the exact version of TX Text Control you are using. TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms, for example, differs entirely from TX Text Control ActiveX.

In this brief blog, I am going to highlight the differences.

These instructions are also listed in the README.DOC that ships with TX Text Control and is located in the bin folder of the TX Text Control directory structure.

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms

The easiest way to update your TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms project to a newer version of TX Text Control is to deinstall your prior version before installing the newer TX Text Control version.

In this case, your project is automagically adapted by the Microsoft .NET development environment.

If you have installed more than one TX Text Control version perform the following steps:

  1. Load your TX Text Control project.
  2. Open the Add Reference... dialog box in the Project... menu.
  3. Delete the reference to the current TX Text Control.
  4. Add a reference to the new TX Text Control and close the dialog box.
  5. Open the licenses.licx file of your project and change the version number of the referenced TX Text Control to the version number of the newer TX Text Control.
  6. Close the Microsoft .NET development environment.
  7. Reopen the Microsoft .NET development environment.
  8. Rebuild and run your project.

TX Text Control ActiveX

The TX Text Control 11.0 ActiveX component is installed and registered independent from prior versions of TX Text Control. Therefore, development projects does not automatically update. Perform the following steps depending upon your development environment:

Visual Basic

Open your project's .vbp file and change the line:

Object={3D6D5D32-B9F2-101C-AED5-00608CF525A5}#1.x#0; Tx4ole.ocx

to the following:

Object={1b635020-8269-11d8-9e2b-004005a9abd2}#1.6#0; Tx4ole11.ocx

Possible values for 1.x are 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5. Perform the same with all occurrences in .frm files.

Internet Explorer

The class ids for the TX Text Control objects have been changed to the following:

Text Control: 1b635021-8269-11d8-9e2b-004005a9abd2
            Button Bar: 1b635029-8269-11d8-9e2b-004005a9abd2
            Ruler Bar: 1b63502d-8269-11d8-9e2b-004005a9abd2
            Status Bar: 1b635031-8269-11d8-9e2b-004005a9abd2

Internet Information Server / ASP

  1. Replace the class names of TX Text Control objects for all Server.CreateObject calls in your ASP project files.
  2. Rename TXTextControl.TextControl.110 to TIS.TX.TextControl.
  3. Rename TXTextControl.LicManager to TIS.TX.LicManager.

If you have any problems updating please contact me right away.