I am the webmaster of the TX Text Control web sites and would like to welcome you to the Official TX Text Control Blog.

What We Are Going to Talk About

I, along with my co-workers in the TX Text Control Support and Development Teams, will be talking about the following topics on a very regular basis.

  1. News about new TX Text Control products (when new versions, updates, service packs etc. are released)
  2. Source code example applications (short discussion and link to source code archive)
  3. Comparisons with other word processing controls
  4. Discussion of our current marketing activities
  5. Updates to the documentation
  6. Appearance at trade fairs
  7. Often requested support issues
  8. Discovery of new known issues
  9. TX Text Control hacks (à la O'Reilly series) - very short description of how to achieve something special.
  10. New testimonials
  11. Success stories or how companies have profited using TX Text Control
  12. Stuff that gets updated on the TX Text Control web site

Replacement for Old News Sections

This blog replaces the news sections of the current TX Text Control web site. For this reason, I have imported all the news from the new sections into this blog - in case you were wondering why there are so many post-dated entries.

A copy of the news still appears on the TX Text Control web site to save web site visitors having to jump between the various web sites. As of now, however, this blog is the primary source for all happenings in the TX Text Control world.

Blog Feature Tour

Let me introduce the blog software to you:

On the right hand side is the main navigation section of the blog. At the top is a calender that allows you to jump to all posts in the blog. I hope that it is obvious how the calender works (if not, just post a comment, and I will help you).

Below that is a list of the most recent blog entries. Currently, there are only five, but I can add more, if enough people post a request.

Below that, are the sections Categories and Authors. Every post belongs in one category and was written by one author. By clicking on a category or author name, only posts in that category or by that author are displayed. This will be useful, if you wish for a kind of filter. You may just want to 'listen' to one particular part of this blog and ignore the rest.

The final section of the right hand navigation is the obligatory blogroll. Our blogroll consists of web sites and other blogs that we read on a regular basis. I am certain that you know the majority of the sights listed, but you may also come across some you do not know.

There are quite a few more features, such as syndication and commenting, but I'll talk about those in a future post.