What's New in X19?

  • Table of Contents

    TX Text Control supports MS Word compatible table of contents. TX Text Control inserts a fully-featured table of contents automatically based on inserted contents and used paragraph styles. The new ribbon tab "References" can be used to insert one or more tables of contents at the current input position.

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  • Leaders between Tabs

    The space between tabs can show dots, dashes, or other "leader" characters to line up information. You can add content between tab positions and when you press "Tab", a line will appear with the defined characters. The formatting is added to each new line until you change the leader.

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  • Barcode Support

    In today's processes, barcodes are included everywhere: Invoices, delivery notes or boarding passes. Barcodes are used to store digital data on paper that can be acquired easily for further processing using laser-based scanners, cameras or mobile phones. With the release of TX Text Control X19, barcode support will be directly integrated into TX Text Control without the dependency on optional products.

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  • PDF Embedded Files

    PDF/A-3 permits the embedding of files in any format. PDF/A-3 documents allow the progression from electronic paper to an electronic container that holds the human and machine-readable versions of a document. Applications can extract the machine-readable portion of the PDF document in order to process it. A PDF/A-3 document can contain an unlimited number of embedded documents for different processes. Using TX Text Control X19, PDF files with attachments can be created and imported to retrieve and process embedded attachments such as electronic invoices.

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