TXTextControl.Web.TextPartCollection Class

An instance of the Web.TextPartCollection class contains all text parts in a TX Text Control document. A text part can either be the document's main text, a text frame or a header or footer. A text frame is represented through a Web.TextFrame object, a header or footer through a Web.HeaderFooter object and the document's main text is represented through a Web.MainText object. A Web.TextPartCollection object contains all these objects in a geometric order. The first object in the collection is the main text, followed by all text frames in geometric order. At the end of the collection all headers and footers are contained also geometrically ordered. All objects in a text part collection implement the Web.IFormattedText interface. The collection can be obtained with the Web.TextControl.TextParts property. The Web.TextPartCollection class implements the interface ICollection<Web.IFormattedText>.

Introduced: 22.0.


public class TextPartCollection : ICollection<Web.IFormattedText>
[Visual Basic]
Public Class TextPartCollection
  Inherits ICollection(Of Web.IFormattedText)


Method Description
Activate Sets the input focus to the specified text part.

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