Javascript: TXTextControl.TextFrameCollection.addAnchoredAtLocation method

Inserts a new text frame which is anchored to the specified text position. It has the specified location relative to the paragraph it is anchored to and a textflow which is given through the insertionMode parameter. Anchored text frames are moved with the text.


<void> TextFrameCollection.addAnchoredAtLocation(<Size> size, <integer> location, <integer> textPosition, <TextFrameInsertionMode> insertionMode);
Parameter Description

The text frame's size in twips.


Specifies the location, in twips, at which the text frame is to be inserted. This is a location relative to the top left corner either of a page or of a paragraph.


Specifies the text position at which the text frame is to be inserted. If -1 is specified, the text frame is inserted at the current input position.


Specifies how the text flow is handled. It can be one of the TextFrameInsertionMode values.

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