TXTextControl.HeaderFooterCollection.Remove Method

Removes a header or footer from a Text Control document or from a certain section. To remove more than one header or footer a combination of the HeaderFooterType enumeration can be used.


public bool Remove(HeaderFooterType headerFooterType);
[Visual Basic]
Public Function Remove(ByVal headerFooterType As HeaderFooterType) As Boolean
Parameter Description

Specifies the headers and/or footers to remove. A combination of the following values are possible:

Value Meaning
Header Removes the header from the document. If an even header exists, both headers are removed.
FirstPageHeader Removes the special header from the document's first page.
Footer Removes the footer from the document. If an even footer exists, both footers are removed.
FirstPageFooter Removes the special footer from the document's first page.
EvenHeader Removes the even header from the document. The odd header becomes the header of all pages.
EvenFooter Removes the even footer from the document. The odd footer becomes the footer of all pages.
All Removes all headers and footers.

Return Value

The return value is true, if the header or footer could be removed. Otherwise it is false.

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