ASP.NET User's Guide > Document Viewer (DocumentServer.Web.DocumentViewer)

The DocumentServer.Web.DocumentViewer is a ASP.NET server control that can be used to display documents in the Web browser in ASP.NET projects. The document handling is done by an instance of the DocumentServer.DocumentController component that must be bound to the control.

The cooperation of the DocumentServer.Web.DocumentViewer and the DocumentServer.DocumentController resemble that of the view and the controller parts of the well-known Model-view-controller (MVC) pattern, while the document plays the part of the model. This means the user never modifies the document directly. The controller acts as mediator between the view and the model. Thus, the user only sees what the controller routes from the document to the viewer, and only the actions that the controller routes back from the viewer are applied to the document. Thanks to this setup, it is possible to control which parts of the document the user sees and which actions the user is allowed to take up to a great deal of detail.

The DocumentServer.DocumentController and thus the DocumentServer.Web.DocumentViewer can handle all the document formats that can contain application fields. These formats are summarized in the DocumentServer.FileFormat enumeration.