Fundamental Concepts: Creating Templates

ASP.NET User's Guide > HTML5 Web Editor (Web.TextControl)

Once a data source is added, the drop-down buttons are active and pre-filled with the available merge fields, merge blocks and master tables.

1. Select your master table using the drop-down button Select Master Table.

2. Select a merge field from the Insert Merge Field drop-down button to insert the field at the current input position.

Repeat step 2 with all your required fields. Design your template, insert your headers and footers, sections or other document elements as desired.

3. Press the Preview Merge Fields toggle button to preview your template.

4. Save the document in the formats RTF, DOC, DOCX or TX.

This template can be merged using the Text Control Reporting engine DocumentServer.MailMerge. The reporting concept, required classes and examples are explained in the chapter Reporting and Mail Merge (DocumentServer.MailMerge).