TX Text Control product family At Text Control, we are all very excited about the new version of TX Text Control .NET. Especially about the new member in our product family:

TX Text Control .NET for WPF

TX Text Control .NET for WPF is the first true WYSIWYG rich text editor for the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform.

We have invested a lot of R&D into this new product, and are very proud to be able to now offer the final version, including all the features you know and love in TX Text Control and all new features of version 16.0.

New Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Control

WPF logo TX Text Control .NET for WPF 16.0 supports the development of WPF applications (.exe) and WPF browser applications (.xbap).

The new XAML data binding enables WPF.InputFormat to bind properties of a WPF.TextControl to other controls in XAML files, without code-behind:

New Product Structure

TX Text Control product logos

The Windows Forms version (formerly TX Text Control .NET) is now called TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms. For each technology (Windows Forms and WPF), a new server version is available that also contains one client license.

What's New in Version 16.0?

Listed below are the four new products, which have just been released in version 16.0. Please follow the links for a high-level overview of what is new in each:

New client components

New server components