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I was able to persuade our WPF team to release a preview sample built with TX Text Control .NET for WPF. We published this WPF project as a ClickOnce application on

About two weeks ago, Microsoft released the Ribbon for WPF. This demo word processor shows how TX Text Control .NET for WPF can be used in combination with the Ribbon for WPF. The sample includes the basic functionality of TX Text Control similar to the currently shipped demo TX Text Control Words.

We are investing a lot of time in making TX Text Control compatible with the standard WPF tools and components including this new ribbon bar.

Additionally, this sample shows our new animated color picker implementation that will be shipped with the final release.

TX Text Control Color Picker

Some more impressions of this sample implementation:

Insert Table

Paragraph Frames


Feel free to test this technology preview on your own. You don't have to install anything - it is published as a ClickOnce application. Visit and start the sample from there: