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TX Text Control ActiveX

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Important Change

We consolidated the full version and service pack setups into one unified setup. The setup recognizes automatically, if an installed version should be patched with service pack files or if a new version is to be installed.

The full version setup files in your Text Control license management portal have been updated with the most recent service pack. In order to apply the service pack, please login to your Text Control store account and download and install the latest version.

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Listed below are all previous service packs for TX Text Control ActiveX. If you require an earlier service pack, please contact the Support Department and we will send it to you via email.

TX Text Control ActiveX 30.0

TX Text Control ActiveX

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TX Text Control ActiveX has several built-in resources, such as information strings, error messages and dialog boxes. These resources are available in different languages. This page offers additional resources, translated by our customers.

TX Text Control ActiveX X13