We are very excited to announce that DS Server 1.1 has been officially released. DS Server combines the powerful word processing libraries of TX Text Control with an easy-to-use Web API approach to access document services.

In version 1.1, we added new functionality and new packages to make the access to specific Web API functionality more effortless.

You can test the new functionality with your existing trial token or by creating a new trial token:

Trial Token

In case you would like to test this on your own server, you can download a new on-premise trial version:

Trial Version

All licenses in the online store have been updated and owners of a valid subscription can download the new installation package from the online store:

Online Store

Updated Packages

Please make sure to use the updated packages for .NET Core, Angular and React when testing DS Server 1.1.

NuGet (.NET Core)

The following NuGet packages have been released and are compatible with DS Server 1.1:

npm (Angular)

The following npm Angular packages have been released and are compatible with DS Server 1.1:

npm (React)

The following npm React packages have been released and are compatible with DS Server 1.1:

What is New? Adobe PDF

Using the existing DocumentProcessing endpoints, documents can be converted to or created from MS Word to Adobe PDF by merging data into templates. MergeSettings can be used to specify specific document settings such as the author or the creation date.

In version 1.1, a complete new namespace is available for the handling of PDF documents.

The following PDF endpoints have been added:

Creates a PDF document from an input document.


Returns all embedded files from a given PDF document.


Extracts metadata from a given PDF document.


Returns all AcroForm fields of a given PDF document.


All PDF specific settings for the document generation can now be specified in the new documentprocessing/pdf/create method.

This new method allows you to create a PDF document from an input file in any supported format. All PDF related settings such as encryption, digital signatures and embedded files can be controlled through a PDFCreationSettings object.

Typical Workflow

Consider a scenario where an MS Word DOCX template should be merged with data in order to create a digitally signed PDF document.

Typically, a template is merged with data using the documentprocessing/document/merge method. The document is returned in the internal Text Control format to be flexible. This document together with a certificate is then posted to the documentprocessing/pdf/create method to create the final PDF document with all desired settings.

Barcode Generation

DS Server 1.1 is able to generate barcode images from input strings. The following endpoints have been added:

Creates a barcode image.


Returns the default text of a given barcode type.


Returns the maximum text length that can be encoded.


Returns the minimum text length that can be encoded.


Checks whether the text is valid for a specific barcode type.


Admin Package

Additionally, we released a NuGet package for .NET Core for administration tasks on the DS Server. Using this package, you can register and license DS Server installations and add security profiles programmatically.

Learn more about DS Server and request your free trial token here:

DS Server