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GiveCamps are a fantastic idea: Volunteers are offering their knowledge and developer services for a complete weekend for free to help charities and non-profit organizations.

From their website:

GiveCamp was founded by Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Chris Koenig, in Dallas, Texas in 2007. His vision was to bring together passionate developers and local charitable organisations for an entire weekend, and see what would happen.

What happened was more than could have been expected. Over $1,000,000 worth of developer services were donated to more than 150 charities and non-profits over the next 4 years. Since then GiveCamps have popped up all over the USA.

In this video, Chris Koenig gives an overview of GiveCamps: What is GiveCamp?

Now, the first GiveCamp is coming to the UK:

Date: 21-23 October 2011
Location: London, UK

We are proud to sponsor this great event - happy coding, volunteers!