• TX Text Control .NET for WPF 31.0 SP4
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4967 Undo Weird behavior with font formatting and undo. Fixed in 31.0 SP4
    TXT-4863 Text Fields Text after field is added to field after Undo. Fixed in 31.0 SP4
    TXT-4842 Text Filters RTF, DOC, DOCX: Filter Exception when saving document with ommited sections. Fixed in 31.0 SP4
    TXT-4764 Text Filters Style changes in non-english MS Word Version from Normal to Standard. Fixed in 31.0 SP4
  • TX Text Control .NET for WPF 31.0 SP3
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4938 Image Filters SVG Import: Signature images from the DocumentViewer cannot be loaded properly. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4929 Ribbon The German hover menu for "Markup Anzeigen" has a spelling error. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4923 Text Fields TextFieldDeleted event is not fired if a FormField is deleted while Track Changes is active. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4920 Sidebar Memory leak in WPF with sidebars. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4913 Image Filters RGBA definition for Stroke element in SVG is not implemented. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4909 Text Filters HTML filter does not recognize double underline. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4896 Image Filters WMF images are not saved to PDF if located in the lower half of the document. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4895 Undo Undo does not work in some cases. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4894 Lists Numbered list does not display correctly after second list. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4892 Ribbon The Merge Blocks and Merge Fields controls in the Field Navigation Sidebar are not scrollable in WPF. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4884 Web Editor textFieldLeft not triggered when leaving a field using selection. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4883 Text Filters DOCX corrupted when track changes are enabled and field was deleted. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4882 N/A Table layout tab does not recognize input position change. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4858 Text Filters Shapes disappear when exporting to PDF. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4749 Text Filters When using the DOCX format, tables are displayed with an indent in MS Word. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4736 Text Filters Paragraphs loading with incorrect fonts. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4684 Ribbon Merge Field Properties dialog is reopened after attempt to close it. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-4501 Text Frames Error after inserting frame and undo. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
    TXT-3228 Text Fields Wrong page number in following section. Fixed in 31.0 SP3
  • TX Text Control .NET for WPF 31.0 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4862 Ribbon "Insert page number" is initially active. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4856 Text Filters Images are scaled down when saved with a 4K computer screen. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4855 Mail Merge DocumentServer: Setting MailMerge.RemoveEmptyFields to false has no effect in some cases. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4852 Text Filters Track Changes at the last input position of TextFrames are lost in RTF and DOCX format. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4851 Text Filters HTML import: UTF-16 surrogate pairs are not imported correctly in some cases. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4838 Application Fields Undo causes ApplicationField to lose part of its content. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4837 Text Filters HTML filter: some assertions are active in release build. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4832 Resources Ribbon button description "Delete All Comments in Document" should be changed because it only deletes comments in current text part. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4831 Single .NET Property TextField.Deletable has no effect for form fields. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4787 Table of Contents TOC is not displayed correctly if the list type for an included paragraph is changed from Bulleted to Numbered/Structured. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4717 Lists Distance between list item and text changes due to insertion mode of image. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4466 Undo Field is split upon UNDO. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
    TXT-4263 Text Formatting Text input position is not updated when deleting characters with the Delete key in a paragraph with justified text. Fixed in 31.0 SP2
  • TX Text Control .NET for WPF 31.0 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4830 Text Filters Center tab stops are not imported in header or footer in DOC format. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4825 Text Filters DOC import: Document looks different since TX 28. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4823 Text Filters DOCX: PageNumberField is imported as form field. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4818 Text Filters Error 01-2408 when loading an RTF document with 2 large images. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4817 Text Filters Error 01-1D09 when loading RTF document. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4816 Text Filters If a FormField has the ampersand (&) in a combo box or drop-down list field, the FormField is lost when saved to DOCX. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4813 Text Filters RTF causes 01-2408 error. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4790 Text Filters RTF import: 01-1D09 error when loading files containing embedded WMF images. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4784 Ribbon Select Frame Data Column ribbon button is active although no data source has been loaded. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4783 Ribbon Select Frame Data Column button in Reporting RibbonTab is missing for images. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4768 Text Filters Numbering displayed twice and slightly offset after PDF export. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4763 Text Filters Hypen lost after RTF Export. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4752 Styles Error message "Invalid indent setting" when accessing the ParagraphStyles collection. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4744 Text Fields Empty width is not restored when removing characters from TextFormField using Delete Key. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4696 Bug SystemAccessViolation upon Selection.Load. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4664 Printing Problems OCX and WPF only: Printing on Microsoft XPS Document Writer in A3 results in cut document. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4643 Text Filters Hyperlink becomes invalid. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4583 Ribbon CommentedTextLeft event is not fired after deleting a comment. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
    TXT-4454 Text Filters Tab stops are not imported correctly. Fixed in 31.0 SP1
  • TX Text Control .NET for WPF 31.0
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4777 N/A Ribbon: FrameBase object names are not updated on deselecting the object. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4772 N/A Images split into 2 pages are not exported to PDF correctly. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4769 Text Filters PDF export: Text frames with transparent background are not visible. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4742 Text Filters HTML export: In some cases, random garbage characters are added to href attribute content. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4738 Text Filters PDF documents created with images and no text contain invalid object references. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4728 Text Formatting Underlining a list item will underline the whole list item plus an additional space after the text ends. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4726 Ribbon Sorting combo box and dropdown list items causes NullReferenceException. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4703 Header and Footer Selecting text is not possible in a table located inside a footer when a page number is present. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4695 Text Filters System.Globalization.CultureNotFoundException when accessing paragraph styles. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4656 Text Filters List indent is not imported correctly from DOCX. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4649 Ribbon NullReferenceException when loading a document and the WPF Ribbon has been set to Visibility="Collapsed". Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4598 Resources Redundant keys in TextControl.resx. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4521 Text Filters Table Of Contents export does not work for DOCX. Fixed in 31.0
    TXT-4168 Text Filters Document with end of line hyphen characters (e.g. 1EH) throws 01-2404 error upon saving. Fixed in 31.0
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