• TX Text Control .NET for WPF X19 SP3
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4490 SubTextParts EditableRegion is extended to the following text after using Undo. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-4482 Mail Merge Cannot extract AcroForm fields when using .NET Core 3.1. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-4478 Text Filters DOCX import: Document causes 01-1D04 error. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-4477 Printing and Print Preview Text inside a TextFrame which is located in a header or footer is printed according to the Zoom factor and not at 100%. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-4473 Spell Checking TX Words crash after enabling spell and entering space. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-4469 Text Filters Images are not displayed in TX Text Control. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-4467 Images Image can only be positioned in the left edge of header after the second call. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-4465 Text Filters Legacy Fields: First value in DropDown-List FormFields is not selected and shown as field value. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-4461 Text Fields Unify character formatting within fields at the beginning of a new line, including display for users. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-4442 Text Filters Loading documents containing styles named "Heading" will change the style's name. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-4429 Text Filters A bulleted list with a list item formatted with bold text will not be displayed in Wordpad. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-4428 Text Filters FormFields exported from Text Control and re-saved in MS Word are vanished on loading back into TX Text Control. Fixed in X19 SP3
    TXT-3798 Mail Merge MailMerge: If data is in UPPERCASE and field property format is set to "First capital", the merged field content is still in UPPERCASE. Fixed in X19 SP3
  • TX Text Control .NET for WPF X19 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4453 Text Filters Link stops working if document is exported to PDF. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4451 Text Filters Text is displayed in white and not visible in DOCX document. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4450 Text Filters Image is not displayed in DOCX document. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4448 Text Filters Document causes 01-2431 error. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4446 Text Fields DocumentTargets can be deleted although the Deleteable property has been set to false. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4445 Text Fields Split TextField is created when table row is added. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4438 Samples Insert ComboBox-FormField via dialog throws Rounding Exception with English-Region Settings. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4436 Sidebar FieldNavigatorSidebar Property causes System.ArgumentException when used in a UserControl. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4435 Text Filters DOCX filter issue with font inheritance. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4426 Mail Merge AcroForm fields: Checkbox value is always "false". Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4425 Application Fields TypeName causes IndexOutOfRange Exception. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4424 Text Filters Excel Filter: 1-1D09 error when loading file. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4423 Barcode Invalid QR code with a specific string length. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4417 Text Fields Drag&Drop within TextField. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4368 Text Filters Paragraph border color is not applied in RTF. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-4085 Text Fields Exception "Invalid property value. (01-1E07)" is thrown in the TextFieldEntered event if a table row, which contains text fields, is deleted through the context menu. Fixed in X19 SP2
    TXT-3393 Single OCX Property If "Maori - New Zealand" is selected as language in ActiveX the application crashes. Fixed in X19 SP2
  • TX Text Control .NET for WPF X19 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4416 Text Filters Bulleted list is not saved in DOCX format. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4414 Selection RTF document with is not loaded correctly when using Selection.Load. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4413 Dialog Boxes SpellCheck dialog remains in the background when setting TopMost to true. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4411 Text Filters DOC import: Document causes 01-1D04 error. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4410 Styles ParagraphFormat.BackColor and ParagraphFormat.FrameLineColor cannot be set. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4407 Images ImageCreated Event does not return the ID and Name properties. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4398 Tables When pasting a table with a nested table the nested table is lost. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4393 Spell Checking Spell dialog: Missing space between Language and actual value. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4392 Search and Replace When using an empty string with Replace all, the wrong feedback is given. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4391 Ribbon WPF only: "Accept This Change" and "Accept and Move to Next" are working differently than in Windows Forms. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4386 Text Filters Bullets are displayed as a box with question marks. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4373 Text Filters FormFields in fixed positioned TextFrames are not exported to PDF. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4342 Documentation Selection.Save does not work for PDF. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4336 Far East Invalid path for images in DOCX with Chinese characters. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4323 Text Filters Form Fields in header are exported with a wrong location in PDF. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4280 Other System.StackOverflowException when using Find in ServerTextControl and TextControl. Fixed in X19 SP1
    TXT-4187 Ribbon Font Family and Font Size combo boxes in the RibbonFormattingTab are not correctly initialized. Fixed in X19 SP1
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