• TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 30.0 SP4
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-5041 Text Fields Deletion of data possible in non-editable field. Fixed in 30.0 SP4
    TXT-5032 Text Fields Changing selection for editable TextField not possible. Fixed in 30.0 SP4
  • TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 30.0 SP3
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4778 Text Filters HTML export: saving a certain document to HTML causes a crash. Fixed in 30.0 SP3
    TXT-4763 Text Filters Hypen lost after RTF Export. Fixed in 30.0 SP3
    TXT-4742 Text Filters HTML export: In some cases, random garbage characters are added to href attribute content. Fixed in 30.0 SP3
    TXT-4738 Text Filters PDF documents created with images and no text contain invalid object references. Fixed in 30.0 SP3
    TXT-4728 Text Formatting Underlining a list item will underline the whole list item plus an additional space after the text ends. Fixed in 30.0 SP3
    TXT-4706 Ribbon Long delay when switching to the Home tab (RibbonFormattingTab) from a different tab in a document with 100+ styles. Fixed in 30.0 SP3
    TXT-4695 Text Filters System.Globalization.CultureNotFoundException when accessing paragraph styles. Fixed in 30.0 SP3
    TXT-4656 Text Filters List indent is not imported correctly from DOCX. Fixed in 30.0 SP3
    TXT-4598 Resources Redundant keys in TextControl.resx. Fixed in 30.0 SP3
    TXT-4521 Text Filters Table Of Contents export does not work for DOCX. Fixed in 30.0 SP3
    TXT-4168 Text Filters Document with end of line hyphen characters (e.g. 1EH) throws 01-2404 error upon saving. Fixed in 30.0 SP3
  • TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 30.0 SP2
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4718 Text Filters Combination of TextFrame and Image with insertion mode fixed position on page leads to 01-1D09 when exporting to DOCX. Fixed in 30.0 SP2
    TXT-4663 Resources German Resources: word is missing in "Page Setup" dialog in the "Headers and Footers" tab. Fixed in 30.0 SP2
    TXT-4662 Text Fields Field.Start changes after undo when Field.ID is used. Fixed in 30.0 SP2
    TXT-4658 Mail Merge DocumentServer: DataSourceManager.LoadSingleObject() and LoadObjects() can cause NullReferenceException. Fixed in 30.0 SP2
    TXT-4654 Lists Selection.ListFormat.LeftIndent resets the current value of Selection.Listformat.HangingIndent and vice versa. Fixed in 30.0 SP2
    TXT-4645 Text Filters Error 01-1D09 when saving a document with an ApplicationField with FORMTEXT field type. Fixed in 30.0 SP2
    TXT-4640 Text Filters DOC: Font changes from Arial to Times New Roman. Fixed in 30.0 SP2
    TXT-4639 Text Filters DOC: formatting styles are not exported. Fixed in 30.0 SP2
    TXT-4636 Text Filters DOC Export: Style based on [Normal] will be based on Normal after export. Fixed in 30.0 SP2
    TXT-4589 Barcode Barcodes are not displayed in the HTML documents. Fixed in 30.0 SP2
    TXT-4313 Text Filters HTML: overlapping text after saving a document as HTML. Fixed in 30.0 SP2
  • TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 30.0 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4659 Text Filters Tab stops are not correctly saved in DOC. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4632 Ribbon QAT: Checked Quick Access toolstrip items are not displayed as checked. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4631 Text Filters CSS import: Font shorthand property is parsed incorrectly. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4627 File IO Errors when saving documents with the Trial version. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4625 Text Filters DOCX/DOC/RTF import: Out of range line spacing values. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4620 Mail Merge Certain JSON data sources can cause a NullReferenceException when loaded with the DataSourceManager class. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4604 Printing Problems ServerTextControl only: When printing double-sided, copies are not separated when collation is activated. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4600 Text Filters Form fields are moved outside of table cells when saving. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4594 Text Filters PDF documents cannot be signed anymore. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4593 Mail Merge MailMerge: First capital and Title case yield wrong results for culture "tr-TR". Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4585 Comments Unknown Reviewer is replaced by the last used user after saving a document. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4584 N/A Ribbon- and sidebar- buttons are active for inactive comments. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4579 Styles Document causes ArgumentOutOfRangeException. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4570 Text Filters Error 01-1D09 when loading specific Excel file. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4551 Text Filters DOCX: only TOC title is exported for TOC with hyperlinks. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4545 Dialog Boxes Crash after closing the style modify dialog with Cancel. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4544 Text Filters DOCX Export: Style based on [Normal] will be based on Normal after export to DOCX. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4515 Text Filters DocumentTargets are created and displayed when importing MergeBlocks. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4511 Mail Merge NullReferenceException when merging charts. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4509 Track Changes Selecting and replacing one character in tracked change changes input position. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4507 Mail Merge MailMerge causes exception when merging barcode data. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4489 Text Filters Error message when opening DOCX file in MS Word which has been saved with TX Text Control. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4480 Track Changes Tracked Changes mixed when changing the same position back and forth. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
    TXT-4463 Ribbon Typo in the Track Changes tooltip. Fixed in 30.0 SP1
  • TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 30.0
    ID Keyword Description Status
    TXT-4577 Sidebar Standard version: Inconsistent behavior between WPF & WinForms when using a Sidebar content layout. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4575 Ribbon Frame Formatting Tab- icons of the barcode back- and foreground colors are not updated. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4573 N/A Spell checking: Invalid behavior of Change/Ignore All for double occurring words separated with a symbol. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4569 Ribbon Spelling settings are not deactivated when TX Spell is not installed. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4564 Ribbon RibbonButton.IsScalable property does not work as expected. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4558 Samples Drag and Drop sample: TX documents cannot be opened. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4550 SubTextParts Subtextparts stays highlighted in header. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4522 N/A Entering TOC activates Save button in the Quick Access Toolbar. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4505 Ribbon NullReferenceException is thrown from the Home Ribbon when loading the attached document. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4493 Samples Text Fields- "Go to" dialog stays open. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4481 Development Environment SystemAccessViolation exception when using Elementhost to host WPF in WF. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4470 Text Filters Barcode font is not used in HTML. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4456 Ribbon Sentence case does not work in the Home ribbon. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4452 Selection Loading a saved selection causes an AccessViolationException. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4412 Text Fields Custom TextFormField length is not correctly calculated in text. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4143 Sidebar FieldNavigation sidebar is not updated when nested block is inserted. Fixed in 30.0
    TXT-4105 Samples TX Words: "Insert Custom Merge Block" should be greyed out when nothing is selected. Fixed in 30.0
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