• TX Barcode .NET for Windows Forms 2.0 SP1
    ID Keyword Description Status
    BAR-3028 Kernel ASCII control characters are not allowed for QRCode Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    BAR-2944 Property In some barcode types the minimum length was set to 4 where it should be 1 Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    BAR-2943 Property Datamatrix minimum length is set to 4, where 1 should be allowed Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    BAR-2921 Kernel intelligent mail barcode length 20 is not functionable without a trailing 0 Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    BAR-2916 Property Intelligent mail barcode length 31 wrong displayed in WPF Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    BAR-2915 Property chars {+ * \\ ~} generate wrong output in Aztec, QrCode and Datamatrix. Fixed in 2.0 SP1
    BAR-2914 Documentation Wrong error message in ressource kit for intelligent mail barcode. Fixed in 2.0 SP1
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