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An operator applies a specific operation to adjacent formula elements. There a three different groups of operators TX Text Control supports: arithmetic, comparison and text concatenation operators. Arithmetic operators perform mathematical operations where the result is a numerical value. While applying comparison operators results in a logical value, text concatenations are joining strings.

Arithmetic Operator Example
+ (Addition) The formula 8+6 returns 14.
- (Substraction) The formula 14-6 returns 8.
* (Multiplication) The formula 4*3 returns 12.
/ (Division) The formula 17/2 returns 8.5.
% (Percent) The formula 290% returns 2.9.
^ (Exponentiation) The formula 3^2 returns 9.
Comparison Operator Example
= (Equal to) The formula 2=2 returns TRUE.
> (Greater Than) The formula 4>6 returns FALSE.
< (Less Than) The formula 4<6 returns TRUE.
>= (Greater than or equal to) The formula 6>=4 returns TRUE.
<= (Less than or equal to) The formula 26<=4 returns FALSE.
<> (Not equal to) The formula 2<>2 returns FALSE.
Text Concatenation Operator Example
& (Concatenation) The formula "TX"&"Spell" returns TXSpell.