StackBlitz is an online IDE that supports JavaScript, Angular and other development projects out-of-the-box without installing any local development environment such as Node.js, npm or Angular. It gives you the same experience like in a local Visual Studio Code environment. In fact, StackBlitz is powered by Visual Studio Code and therefore feels as quick and flexible as the desktop counterpart.

Learn Without Installing the Environment

We started to host projects on StackBlitz to show the most typical use cases and features of the TX Text Control online document editor.

For example, one of the first samples shows how to integrate TX Text Control into an Angular application and how to save the document as PDF. The following widget shows this sample in StackBlitz:

Insert your Trial Access Token

In order to test this project on StackBlitz, you will need to create a TX Text Control Trial Access Token and insert it in the app.component.html.

accessToken: string = 'yourtokenhere';
view raw test.html hosted with ❤ by GitHub

Create Access Token

After adding your personal trial access token to the code, save it and click Preview in the above widget to compile and execute the application directly.

Project Overview

You can find the sample projects in our account:

Text Control StackBlitz Projects

Play around with the projects and learn how easy it is to integrate document processing into your Angular based applications.