The new prerelease version of the TX Text Control DocumentViewer NuGet package allows you to host the required backend endpoints in an ASP.NET or ASP.NET Core Web Application. This backend can then be used by the Angular version of the DocumentViewer.

But this backend also allows you to initialize the TX Text Control DocumentViewer in a pure HTML and JavaScript environment.

Adding the Viewer to HTML

  1. Add the Script tag to your HTML file in the head section:


    When hosted on your own, replace with your endpoint URL.

  2. Add a hosting element to your HTML:

  3. Add the following script tag to your HTML and set the id of the hosting element to the containerID property:


    Also here, replace the basePath with your endpoint URL when hosted on your own.

DocumentViewer in Action

The complete HTML, JavaScript and CSS can be found in the following StackBlitz:

In the above StackBlitz widget Preview click on Browse.... In the opened dialog, select a local document in the format *.rtf, *.doc, *.html or *.docx and confirm with Open.