MailMerge in TX Text Control client

Good news for TX Text Control client application developers: In the upcoming version 18.0, the DocumentServer.MailMerge and the TXTextControl.ServerTextControl components can be used in client applications with a Professional or Enterprise license as well.

MailMerge - Mail Merge As Easy As 1-2-3

The MailMerge component can be used to effortlessly merge MS Word template documents with database content in .NET projects. This component encapsulates the whole merge process, so that you can implement mail merge applications with 2 lines of code.

In version 18.0, the MailMerge component can be easily connected to a visual instance of TXTextControl.TextControl. The current document, with it's ApplicationFields, is used as the template for the merge process automatically. The resulting document is displayed in the same parent TXTextControl.TextControl after the merging is finished.

This component can be deployed royalty-free with the Professional or Enterprise license.

ServerTextControl - Non-UI Processes for Client Applications

The TXTextControl.ServerTextControl component can be used as a non-visual instance of TX Text Control for background processes. It was available with the server license of TX Text Control for ASP.NET Web applications or Web services only.

In version 18.0, the Windows Forms and WPF client versions will come with a ServerTextControl class that can be used in client applications as well. You can use this instance for every process that doesn't require an user interface.

Another great reason to update your TX Text Control licenses. Stay tuned!